At SunSmart Roofing, we’re pioneering the future of sustainable living in Florida with our innovative solar-ready roofing solutions. Our standard roofing installations are not just designed to protect and serve; they’re engineered from the ground up to seamlessly integrate solar panels, whether you choose to install them now or decide to in the future. This forward-thinking approach ensures your home is equipped for solar without the need for costly modifications down the line.


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With SunSmart Roofing, you’re not just choosing a roof; you’re choosing a future-proof solution designed to seamlessly integrate with solar technology, providing lasting protection, efficiency, and value.

Dual-Licensed Expertise

SunSmart Roofing stands out as more than just a roofing company; we are dual-licensed contractors. This distinction allows us to deliver comprehensive services with an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise, ensuring your project surpasses expectations.

Detailed Pricing

Transparency is at the core of our operations. We offer transparent, detailed pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for without any hidden fees. Choosing SunSmart Roofing means choosing clarity and peace of mind, ensuring you receive exceptional value.

Superior Materials
& Installation

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our choice of materials and installation methods. Our roofs are constructed with upgraded materials, including waterproof membranes, premium roof vents, superior shingle materials, advanced sealants, and accessories, all chosen for their durability and performance.

Protection Pledge

Our Warranty Protection Pledge underscores our commitment to your satisfaction. We carefully engineer our materials and installation techniques to work together seamlessly, ensuring they never compromise your warranty. With SunSmart Roofing, you’re investing in a roof that’s built to last, backed by a robust warranty.

Preferred by
Top Solar Contractors​

Our dedication to quality and efficiency has made SunSmart Roofing the preferred choice for many of the top solar contracting companies.

They choose to install on SunSmart roofs due to our optimal methods, techniques, and materials that facilitate lower costs and cleaner installations for homeowners. This synergy between solar installations and our roofing systems not only enhances efficiency but also maximizes the aesthetic and functional value of your home.


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